Watershed Restoration

Rural Action has been working to revive our regions watersheds for over 15 years. Whether from agricultural pollution or damage from our regions vast history of coal mining, our watershed offices have made numerous advances in improving water quality for our local communities.

Staff and AmeriCorps have implemented watershed action plans, installed remediation technologies and regularly perform water quality sampling test to ensure our regions healthy future.

Rural Action currently has offices in the following watersheds:

Sunday Creek Watershed

The Sunday Creek Watershed is 139 square miles (88,775 acres). It encompasses part of Perry, Athens, and Morgan Counties. Sunday Creek measures 27 miles long and starts flowing North of Corning and flows south through Chauncey where it enters into the Hocking River. Sunday Creek Watershed is primarily wooded (78%), 38% of the watershed has been deep mined for coal, and 15% of the land is public, owned by the Wayne National Forest. Learn More

Mud Run Watershed

Mud Run Watershed is located in southern Tuscarawas County in eastern Ohio. It cuts right across Warwick Township. The watershed has a drainage area of only 9.95 square miles. Mud Run has one major tributary known as Lanes Valley or to the locals as Silver Creek. Its major source of pollution is acid mine drainage, but, has other sources such as illegal dumping. Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 6 pm on the Warwick Township Hall. Future events include a fall tour and a field trip for a middle school in the watershed. Learn More

Monday Creek Watershed

The Monday Creek watershed encompasses a 116 square mile area in portions of Perry, Hocking and Athens counties in Appalachian Ohio. Monday Creek itself is 27 miles long, with two major tributaries, Little Monday Creek and Snow Fork. The watershed is rural, with only four incorporated villages and a portion of the city of Nelsonville falling within the watershed.
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Watershed Planning Initiative


Rural Action is coordinating a strategic planning initiative that will result in the development of a new watershed management model for the Ohio River Watershed. Our goal is to create a plan that will outline necessary resources to better manage water throughout the region into the future. Learn More

Huff Run Watershed

The Huff Run Watershed is located in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties in eastern Ohio, encompassing about 14 square miles. Mineral City is the only incorporated town in the watershed, along with unincorporated towns like Morges and Lindentree also in the area. Learn More