Links + Resources + Training Opportunities

Are you interested in incorporating environmental education into your classroom? We would love to help. Contact Sarah Fisher at  if you are interested in collaborating on field trips, in-school lessons or projects relevant to the outdoors, or desire guidance and support in including environmental education in class.
Also check out our annual Environmental Education Conference–the next conference will be November 2-3, 2017 @ Burr Oak State Park.

Resources We Can Offer Teachers:

  • Equipment and Supplies: Earth ball, giant parachute, team-building initiatives bag, binoculars, aquatic nets, insect nets, field guides, air and water quality testing equipment
  • Time-tested environmental education lesson plans built around Ohio’s academic standards
  • Environmental Education team available to assist and teach hands-on lessons throughout Appalachian Ohio
  • Connection to other educators, naturalists and wildlife experts in Southeastern Ohio

Upcoming Events, Training, & Workshops:

  • Burr Oak Naturalist-Lead Hikes
  • Sunday Creek Watershed Day Camp

    Environmental Education Teacher Resources

    Environmental Education Council of Ohio
    A great place to get involved in environmental education and find teaching resources.
    Monarch Teacher Network
    Learn about how to use Monarch Butterflies to enrich classroom learning.
    National Geographic Teacher Resources
    A collection of content and resources for teaching about the environment.
    Ohio Department of Natural Resources Educational Resources
    A database of educational resources from the ODNR.
    Ohio River Foundation
    An organization working to educate people about the water of the Ohio River.

    Environmental Education Curriculum Models:

    Project Learning Tree
    An internationally-accepted environmental education curriculum.
    Project WET
    An environmental education curriculum crafted around water, wetlands and water issues.
    Project WILD
    An environmental education curriculum focused on wildlife conservation.
    Leopold Education Project
    A curriculum for teaching about land ethics. 

    Learn More about Local Natural History & Wildlife!

    All About Birds
    A Cornell Lab of Ornithology guide to birds.
    Ohio Butterflies
    Information on butterflies found in the state.
    Ohio Endangered Species
    An index of endangered species in Ohio.

    Ohio Natural History Blog

    A look at various animals and plants around Ohio.
    Ohio Trees
    An index of the trees in Ohio.

    Temperate Deciduous Forests
    Information on our local forests.
    What’s that bug?
    Identifying bug pictures and answering bug questions sent in by users.

    Citizen Science Resources
    eBird’s goal is to maximize the utility and accessibility of the vast numbers of bird observations made each year by recreational and professional bird watchers. It is amassing one of the largest and fastest growing biodiversity data resources in existence. For example, in May 2015, participants reported more than 9.5 million bird observations across the world
    FrogWatch USA
    FrogWatch USA is a citizen science program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) that provides individuals, groups, and families with an opportunity to learn about wetlands in their communities and report data on the calls of local frogs and toads. Volunteers collect data during evenings from February through August and have been submitting data for over 15 years.
    Project BudBurst
    Project BudBurst is on a mission – to get you outside taking a moment to observe how plants in your community change with the seasons. When you share your observations with us, they become part of an ecological record. Spending time outside with plants is calming, educational, and just plain fun.
    Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network
    Volunteers working together to report precipitation across the nation.


    Climate Change Education Resources – Climate Change & Fossil Fuels
    An international organization dedicated to educating the public on our dependence to fossil fuels. (They offer several educational videos on fossil fuels relating to climate change and human impacts on the environment.)
    A People’s Curriculum for the Earth
    A collection of articles, role plays, simulations, stories, poems, and graphics to help breathe life into teaching about the environmental crisis. This is very educational for both teachers and students.
    Audubon Society Birds & Climate Change Report 2015
    314 species on the brink. Shrinking and shifting ranges could imperil nearly half of U.S. birds within this century.

    Climate Desk
    The Climate Desk is a journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact—human, environmental, economic, political—of a changing climate. The partners are The Atlantic, Center for Investigative Reporting, The Guardian, Grist, The Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Slate, and Wired.
    Ecological Footprint Calculator
    Did you know that if everyone lived the lifestyle of the average American we would need five planets? Use the Global Footprint Network to calculate your carbon footprint.

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2015
    The IPCC provides a clear and up-to-date view of the current state of scientific knowledge relevant to climate change.
    Orion Magazine
    Orion’s mission is to inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots organizations in becoming a significant cultural force for healing nature and community.
    World of 7 Billion – Population Education
    Population Education is the only national program focused on population growth and its effects on the environment. 

    Our Friends and Partners

    Appalachia Ohio Alliance
    A private land conservancy in central and southeastern Ohio.
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Ohio
    Volunteer organization that connects children in need with guiding adult friendships

    Camp Oty’Okwa

    A 700-acre gem preserved, owned and operated by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio.
    Hocking College Natural & Historical Interpretation program
    A program within the Natural Resources school that houses the Hocking Woods Nature Center and Robbins Crossing.
    Hocking Hills Adventure Trek
    Offers guided treks through the Hocking Hills micro-region, including Shawnee story telling. 

    Kids on Campus
    Afterschool program connecting rural youth with educational, nutritional and recreational opportunities.

    Little Cities of the Forest
    Dedicated to developing sustainable economies and stewardship in the Little Cities Micro-region of Ohio.
    Ohio University
    Ohio University Athens Campus.
    The Wayne National Forest
    The Wayne is located in Southeastern Ohio and covers almost a quarter million acres of Appalachian foothills.