Energy Committee

The Rural Action Energy Committee formed from Rural Renewal house parties where energy was identified as a top priority for southeast Ohio, and since then has been gathering information and developing focus areas. The Energy Committee is focusing on a number of areas including the following:
  • A Park and Ride system beginning with a pilot program for Athens County
  • An alternative fuels corridor along State Route 33 from Columbus to the Ohio River called the U.S. Rt. 33 Biofuels Corridor
  • Providing broad-based climate change, resiliency and energy efficiency education in the Appalachian Ohio communities
  • Working with partners to implement ways to make best use of our energy resources through community planning, home energy audits and retrofits, and creating the jobs to support these changes
US Rt. 33 Bio Fuels Corridor

Rural Action’s Energy Committee is partnering with Clean Fuels Ohio and the Hocking College Energy Institute to promote an alternative fuels corridor along U.S. Route 33 from Columbus, Ohio to the Ohio River. Learn More

Energy Audits & Retrofits

Reducing energy use in the home is a two-pronged effort. The first is changing our behaviors. The second is building homes to be more energy efficient and modifying existing homes to be more so as well. Rural Action is focusing on the behavior changes and the modification of existing homes. Learn More

Athens County Park & Ride

Athens County Commissioners, Rural Action and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) have partnered to expand the current system of park and ride lots to encourage carpooling and increase ride sharing opportunities. Learn More

Links & Resources

Learn about cost reducing and energy saving tips from some our our valuable resource guides. Check out some links of interest to additional energy resources and financial tools. Learn More

Energy Committee Members
Robin Kinney is a retired electrical engineer. He moved to Meigs County in 2001 and built a passive solar-heated underground home including wind turbine and solar photovoltaic for alternative energy. His woods is under a Forest Stewardship Management Plan and includes a plantation of Loblolly Pines. Robin is Chair of the Energy Committee and can be contacted at 740.843.1052 or
Teny Bannick is a human ecologist and master degree architectural designer. She is working to catalyze a carbon neutral, nuclear free, resource and energy sufficient economy, for Appalachia based on ecological design.

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