Women Grow Ohio

About Women Grow Ohio

Women Grow Ohio (WGO) are a group of livestock farmers, growers, homesteaders and urban backyard garden producers who have a desire to connect and unite Ohio women in all forms of agriculture. WGO was founded by three women food producers (two rural and one urban) in 2015. Their goal is to create opportunities for women to network and grow as business professionals and food producers.

The project grew out of a desire for tours spotlighting women farmers. At a winter solstice party, three women: a farmer, homesteader and an urban gardener set a plan to create this tour. The dream has evolved far beyond their successful statewide farm tours. With a clear mission to promote women farmers and provide networking opportunities, WGO has also added peer to peer educational workshops and potluck gatherings to their list.

In 2016, WGO joined forces with Rural Action based on their shared mission of promoting and supporting local farmers and food producers.

To keep up to date on upcoming events make sure to follow the WGO facebook page.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Tom Redfern at tomr@ruralaction.org or call 740-677-4047