Appalachia Accessible Food Network


The Appalachia Accessible Food Network is a collaborative project to accelerate the distribution of local foods into Appalachian Ohio communities by strengthening access, production, and consumption components of a local food value chain.The collaboration has received generous funding from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation.


Appalachian Center for Economic Networks

The Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) has invested in the regional food system by serving as a business incubator, operating the Food Ventures Center as a community kitchen, and the Nelsonville Food Hub and Business Incubator to provide business planning, accessible and affordable production, cooler, and freezer spaces.

Community Food Initiatives

Community Food Initiatives works to foster communities where everyone has equal access to healthy local food, including providing high quality, local produce to area food pantries and agencies. They empower community participation and decision making in the food system through education on gardening, food preservation, seed saving, and healthy cooking.

Rural Action

Rural Action works with stakeholders ranging from farmer to consumer, focusing on development of a regional food system through education and community organizing. We own and operate the Chesterhill Produce Auction, a social enterprise and key market for Appalachian farmers n southeast Ohio.



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What We’re Hearing…

“Getting fresh produce every week
is great–it’s fresher, tastes better.”

Mona Taylor

Coordinator at Bishopville Food Pantry

“The donation station gives hungry
people in the area access to something
that seems so fundamental–
food that was grown near them.”

Caitlin Garrity

Donation Station Manager