Sustainable Agriculture

Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture: Building Healthy Local Food Economies in Appalachian Ohio

We work with local, regional and statewide partners to build and strengthen local food systems in Southeast Ohio. We define sustainable agriculture as agriculture that’s good for the community, the economy and the environment. We work across a broad spectrum of farmer to consumer programming to increase local food production. We give farmers and partners the tools they tell us they need in order to increase food production in a way that reduces their risk and enhances their profitability.  We work to build a value chain where stakeholders in a local food system work together to build the local economy.

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Our Current Value Chain Projects:


Rural Food Hub Development

We work with regional partners to develop food hubs with community support throughout Appalachian Ohio. Food hubs are centralized economic locations that support multiple food producers in a region. Our current projects include the Chesterhill Produce Auction in Morgan County, as well as work on the Nelsonville Food Hub with longtime partner ACEnet and the Perry County Farmers Market Cooperative with the Village of Somerset. Learn More


Online Branding and Marketing for All Regional Food Partners

We manage an online resource for local partners to increase their market presence and community impact. Launched in spring of 2009 and redesigned in 2013, Ohio Foodshed is a free online resource that provides comprehensive directories of regional food producers and the local businesses that support them so that consumers can make an informed decision about where they buy their food. Learn More


Healthy Food Access + Farm to Institution

We work with local food entrepreneurs to source and deliver healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables to areas with little or no access to fresh foods. Partner locations set aside space in corner stores or create pop-up markets to sell fresh products. We call these Country Fresh Stops: locations that support the sale of fresh, local produce in areas designated as Food Deserts by the USDA or other at-risk communities. We also work with schools and other institutions to source fresh, local products for service in cafeterias. Learn More


Sustainable Peer-toPeer Education + technical Assistance

We bring together value chain partners and help establish regional educators in order to pass along their knowledge on sustainable food system practices. Our focus is on peer-to-peer education, in which producers self-identify areas where they require assistance, then help them fill those needs. Newly trained food system members pass along this information to others in the region. One of our most successful current  projects  is the Season Creation educational curriculum with Green Edge Organic Gardens. Learn More

Sustainable Agriculture Staff


Tom-Redfern_optTom Redfern is the Program Coordiantor for Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture. Tom leads multiple Sustainable Agriculture team members including a Local Foods Specialist, VISTAs (Volunteers in Service to America) and a COMcorps member, college interns and an array of community volunteers. Tom develops, implements, and oversees all Sustainable Agriculture programs, develops funding and marketing strategies, and directs team resources to best serve increased agricultural production throughout Appalachian Ohio.

Tom’s background in for-profit agriculture and resource management allows him to work closely with farmers to identify and implement the tools that they need to increase local food production.

He currently serves as the licensed Auction Firm Manager for the Chesterhill Produce Auction, ultimately responsible for its day to day operation and compliance with regulations.

Prior his start at Rural Action in 2004 he spent 20 years working in commercial and public horticulture in Ohio and served as an Extension educator in the U.S. Peace Corps.

Tom is currently on the Board of Directors for Community Food Initiatives and is a Board member of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. His work has been featured in the Appalachian Regional Commission Magazine, Our Ohio magazine and television, Yes! Magazine, WOUB Public Media, and in the Central Appalachian Network Case History of the Chesterhill Produce Auction.

Contact Tom at for more information about Rural Action’s work with agriculture in Appalachian Ohio and to learn how we can work with you.


Bob-Fedyski_optBob Fedyski is the Local Food Specialist for Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture. He currently serves producers and consumers as a resource for using and sourcing fresh, local, and organic products, recognizing the multiple benefits, including flavor, nutrition, and support of the local economy.

His practical experience allows him to serve as an asset to restaurants, colleges and schools interested in using more local food.  His passion for local food and its practical implementation allows him to facilitate that conversation with a diversity of stakeholders.

Bob currently serves as an “order buyer” for the Chesterhill Produce Auction, sending sales and availability data on local produce twice weekly to an expanding network of wholesale consumers who place bids and receive their purchases through a distribution network established by Rural Action. His CPA distribution/resale networks include local schools in Athens and Washington Counties, Camden Clark Hospital in Parkersburg, West Virginia University Parkersburg, Ohio University, Hocking College and more than a dozen local restaurants.

Bob has worked in the local food system in southeast Ohio for more than 40 years, working his way from prep cook to executive chef to culinary arts instructor. He joined Rural Action as a VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) in 2006 and served for three years before joining the staff in 2010.

Contact Bob at for more information about local product sourcing for your restaurant, school, or store.

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