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Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps (formerly Ohio Stream Restore Corps/OSRC) AmeriCorps and Rural Action VISTA applications open each February for an August-August 12-month term!

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About The Programs

At Rural Action, we mobilize National Service AmeriCorps members through 2 different programs: Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps (AORC) and our Rural Renewal AmeriCorps VISTA program.

Our AORC members (a part of AmeriCorps State/National) engage in Direct Service in communities of need, while our AmeriCorps VISTA members build the capacity of local movements to fight poverty. Together, these AmeriCorps members promote and support sustainability, stewardship, and ethical economies on our region. Every day, they are in classrooms, creeks, pollinator gardens, community centers, and local government offices daily, or on the trail, leading meetings, or mapping assets and challenges for our people, entrepreneurs, and environment.

If you are interested in applying or would like to learn more about the differences between our AORC and and VISTA opportunities, learn more here:

There are AmeriCorps programs and placements all around the United States. Here’s a little bit about how AmeriCorps works:

Rural Action’s journey with National Service began with a 25-year AmeriCorps*VISTA program launched in 1994 through the Corporation for National and Community Service. In 2009, Rural Action transitioned to an AmeriCorps State/National program under the guidance of ServeOhio with its inaugural Rural Action Watersheds AmeriCorps program, focusing on watershed restoration in Appalachia Ohio. In these early years, Rural Action watershed groups partnered with three other existing watershed groups to form a regional program designed to increase the impact of watershed restoration efforts in the Appalachian counties of Ohio. Since then, the program (now Ohio Stream Restore Corps) has grown from 8 to 31 AmeriCorps members in 20 Appalachian Ohio counties.  The interventions OSRC employs to work toward regional community development have also grown to  include watershed restoration and conservation, environmental education, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable forestry and agriculture, access to public lands and recreation opportunities, and economic development through local heritage and resource-based tourism. New work in 2019 includes work with communities to develop small local businesses and promotion of social enterprise initiatives. In 2019, we have kicked off a brand-new AmeriCorps VISTA program to support area nonprofits and further our impacts in the sectors of sustainable agriculture, green energy, poverty alleviation, and homelessness prevention.

AORC AmeriCorps members, staff, partners, and supporters share 4 common goals for regional community development:

  • Healthy watersheds for people, agriculture, and recreation.
  • Instill community members and legislators with a sense of place and a common land ethic who understand and protect their natural resources
  • Promote a robust local economy supported by authentic tourism opportunities, a sustainable food and forest system, and a ladder of internship and economic opportunities for residents
  • Advocate that key regional leadership positions be filled with OSRC alums and graduates of Rural Action’s ladder of learning through Rural Action influence, encouraging employment for members as the next career steps

AORC members serve in many communities in Appalachian Ohio and in all aspects of regional community development. Members sample and monitor streams impacted by acid mine drainage, pollution, and nutrient loading. They lead lessons in schools, host summer camps, and organize community events to share environmental knowledge and eco-stories. Members provide education to property owners and the public about sustainable and profitable land use, and improve public lands so more people can access and appreciate their local natural resources. Members also identify local assets and implement plans for community growth based on those assets, as exemplified through heritage tourism efforts in communities like Shawnee, McConnelsville, and Somerset.

Appalachian Ohio has a rich history of grassroots organizing and small nonprofits developed to address community needs unique to our region. AmeriCorps is helping Rural Action to leverage solid, intentional partnerships to build lasting collective impact in the region. With AORC host sites and supporters, Appalachian Ohio communities benefit from having better schools, access to healthy food, a cleaner environment and increased citizen engagement.

Just in the 2016-17 program year, OSRC members engaged 683 volunteers in in more than 3,550 hours of community service. Through environmental and outdoor education programming, 19,110 area residents learned more about appreciating and protecting our natural resources, and OSRC members put more than 1,700 hours into monitoring once-devastated streams; streams that these days are home to bugs, fish, and unique native plants. Through their direct service and the volunteers they mobilize, AmeriCorps members help build the capacity of local communities to help themselves. Along with serving the community, members gain leadership and career skills, earn money for higher education, and learn how to be active citizens.

The Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps (AORC) 2020-21 application process opens February 1, 2020 for an August 17th start date.

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