Birds in The Hills

Birds In The Hills 2018

Join Rural Action, the Athens Area Birders, and Camp Oty’Okwa for our family-friendly Birds in the Hills Festival April 20-22 at Camp Oty’Okwa in the Hocking Hills. This affordable three-day festival will feature activities for adults, families, and specifically for children. We welcome anyone with even a remote interest in birds and the outdoors, including those who have never picked up a pair of binoculars. Meals and camping are available Friday night through Sunday at Camp Oty’Okwa.

Birds in the Hills Festival will feature field trips to Clear Creek Metro Park, Lake Logan, and bird walks through Camp’s extensive groves of Eastern Hemlock. Participants can expect to see and hear up to 20 species of warblers, including the Black-Throated Green and Blackburnian Warblers that prefer the cool hemlock gorges of Camp. We are also likely to see Cerulean Warblers, Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, and a plethora of other migratory songbirds. Festival attendees will also have the opportunity to meet other nature enthusiasts, listen to a local band and enjoy local beers. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Kelly Williams from Ohio University, will speak about owls, including the saw-whet owls she studied for several years.


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  • The event runs from Friday, April 20th in the evening to Sunday, April 22nd in the afternoon
  • Contact Joe Brehm for more information: 740-767-2225;
  • Lodging and camping are available at Camp Oty’Okwa. Food will be provided by Camp– vegetarian options will be available and the meals will include local foods. We will also have bird-friendly coffee from Ridge Runner available.
  • This event is not pet-friendly as we want to ensure high-quality wildlife-viewing experiences and a safe environment for children.
  • Feel free to join our Youth Climate Action Team on Sunday, 4/22, for an Earth Day event immediately following the festival. You can find more info here!

These are just some of the cool things happening at this year’s festival. Click here to view the schedule! (some of the events and activities take place at the same time so be sure to choose your favorites during registration)

This Years Activities

  • Stargazing and Astronomy games
  • Bird Banding with Bob Scott Placier
  • Exploring the caves and caverns around Camp Oty’ Okwa
  • Amphibian hunt and creek exploration
  • Beer tasting and live music from the Trophy Wives
  • Terrarium building

Guided Field Trips

  • Field trips Clear Creek Metro Park with expert bird watchers
  • All day Field Trip with David Ackerman to the realm of Moonville
  • Afternoon trip to Butterfly Ridge
  • Checking out Lake Logan with Birding expert Stefan Gleissberg
  • Walking field trip to Crane Hollow Nature Preserve with Joe Moosbrugger

Keynote Speakers

  • Kelly Williams will give us an inside look at her work with the Northern Saw-whet Owl. Until recently, this owl was thought to be largely absent in Ohio. However, thanks to the research done by Kelly Williams and everyone else involved in Project Owlnet we now know that these secretive birds are far more common than we thought.

Stay Involved
Can’t wait for the festival? Tune in to our podcasts to learn more about the festival, citizen science, and much more! Click here to begin listening. Make sure to check back again soon for more exciting updates!

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