Staff & Board Directory

Administrative/Development & Communications

Michelle Decker
Chief Executive Officer
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 19
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Candi Withem
Ohio Stream Restore Corps Director
Ph. 740-767-4938
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Shannon Stewart
Ohio Stream Restore Corps Program Assistant
Ph. 740-767-4938
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Susi Acord
Media and Communications Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 11
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Penny Morgan
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 10
Administrative Assistant
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Allan Withem
Computer Specialist
Ph. 740-767-4938
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Linda Thornton
Chief Financial Officer
Ph. 740-797-2783
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Deb Moreland
Financial and Administrative Assistant and HR Manager
Ph. 740-797-2783

Sustainable Agriculture

Tom Redfern
Director of Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 21
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Bob Fedyski
Local/Institutional Foods Specialist
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 25
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Sustainable Forestry

Tom Redfern
Director of Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 27
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Tanner Filyaw
Non-Timber Forest Products Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 24
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Watershed Restoration

Sunday Creek Watershed Group

Michelle Shively
Sunday Creek Watershed Coordinator
Ph. 740-767-2225
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Monday Creek Restoration Project

Nathan Schlater
Monday Creek Watershed Coordinator
Ph. 740-394-2047
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Tim Ferrell
Monday Creek Restoration Project Water Quality Specialist
Ph. 740-394-2047

Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership

Marissa Lautzenheiser
Middle Tuscarawas Watershed Coordinator
Ph. 330.859.1050
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Environmental Education

Joe Brehm
Environmental Education Program Director
Ph. 740-767-2225
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Zero Waste Program

Erin Sykes
Zero Waste Program Director
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 28
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Andrea Reany
Zero Waste Program Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 15
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Tyler Bonner
Sales and Outreach Coordinator, Zero Waste Event Productions
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 15
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Luke Black
Media & Volunteer Involvement, Zero Waste Event Productions
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 15
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Rural Action Americorps Members

Shannon Pratt-Harrington | Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative
Caitlin Garrity | Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative
Heather Fuston | Appalachian Ohio Zero Waste Initiative
Sarah Fisher | Environmental Education
Becca Farley| Environmental Education
Sam Romeo | Environmental Education
Jacob Mulder | Environmental Education
Tito Aquino | Huff Run/Mud Run
Sarah Homan | Huff Run/Mud Run
Caitlyn Park | Monday Creek Restoration Project
Miranda Hayes | Monday Creek Restoration Project
Steve Glade | Somerset/Perry Co. Soil & Water
Sam Staschiak | Somerset/Perry Co. Soil & Water
Dustin Gross | Raccoon Creek Partnership
Steve Maluge | Raccoon Creek Partnership
Shayna Roberts |Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Lana Milbern | Tuscarawas County Commissioners
Jeff Wunderly | Little Cities of Black Diamonds
Matt Castells | Wayne National Forest
Erin Banaag | Wayne National Forest
Ryan Freibertshauser | Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District
Jennifer Johnson | Ohio Stream Restore Corps Capacity Builder
Homer Elliot | Sunday Creek Watershed Group
Alicia Caton | Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area
Karam Sheban |Rural Action Sustainable Forestry

AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers placed with Rural Action

Megan Conkle | Sustainable Agriculture

ComCorps AmeriCorps Members Placed with Rural Action

Katelyn Eilbeck| Sustainable Agriculture

Rural Action Board of Directors

Gary Goosman (6/25/11-6/25/16)
Board Chair
Senior Programs Director, Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development
Committee: Executive, Donor Development (Chair)

Mitchell E. Farley (6/8/13-6/8/18)
Board Secretary
Environmental Specialist, Farleigh’s Hold Consulting, LLC
Committee: Impact

Randy Leite (6/8/13-6/8/18)
Dean, College of Health Sciences and Professions, Ohio University
Committee: Impact

Amy Grove (6/5/10 – 6/5/16)
Ohio State University Extension, Program Assistant 4-H, Community Development & AgNR
Committee: Executive (Chair)

Jane Woodrow (Completion Date 6/8/18)
Committee: Finance

Chad Bortle (6/14/14 – 6/2017)
Vice President, SJB Management

Sally Linder (6/14/14-6/2017)
Co-Owner and Real Estate Agent, Larry Conrath Realty

Nancy Crist (6/14/14-6/2017)
Human Resources Vice President, Rocky Brands Inc

Tom Johnson (6/14/14-6/2017)
Executive Director, Community Foundation for Perry County

Kent Spellman (6/14/14-6/2017)
Executive Director, West Virginia Hub

Mark Snider (6/13/15-6/2018)
Founder & Principal at Snider, Fuller, and Stroh

Max Mark (6/13/15-6/2018)
CEO & Board Chair, Ed Map

Rick Hindman (6/13/15-6/2018)
Assistant Executive Director, Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District


Rural Action Committees

Rural Action Governance Committee
John Kotowski
Jane Woodrow

Rural Action Finance Committee
Susan Loughridge
John Kotowski
Randy Leite
Mark Snider – Volunteer

Rural Action Impact Committee
Randy Leite
Mitch Farley
Kent Spellman

Rural Action Building and Grounds Committee
Susan Loughridge – Chair
Sally Linder
John Kotowski
Mitch Farley

Rural Action Donor Committee
Gary Goosman
John Kotowski
Jane Woodrow
Faith Knutson – Member Volunteer
Carol Kuhre – Member Volunteer
Tom McGuire – Member Volunteer
Kathy Gilmore – Member Volunteer
Sue Boyd – Member Volunteer