Staff, Board, and National Service Members

Administrative/Development & Communications

Debbie Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 33
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Brian Vadakin
Chief Program Officer
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 13
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Susi Acord
Media and Communications Director
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 12
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Anthony Cangemi
Executive Assistant
Ph.740-677-4047 ext.10
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Allan Withem
Computer Specialist
Ph. 740-767-4938
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Rick Fligor
Finance Director
Ph. 740-797-2783
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Deb Moreland
Financial and Administrative Assistant and HR Manager
Ph. 740-797-2783
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Sustainable Agriculture

Tom Redfern
Director of Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 21
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Joe Barbaree
Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Program Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047
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Jessica Dotson
Chesterhill Produce Auction Site Assistant
Ph. 740-677-4047
Ph. 740-554-7927 (Seasonal on Auction Days)
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Ohio Stream Restore Corps AmeriCorps Program

Shannon Stewart
Ohio Stream Restore Corps Program Director
Ph. 740-767-4938
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Meredith Hamsher
Ohio Stream Restore Corps Program Manager
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Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sarah Conley-Ballew
Sustainable Energy Solutions Director
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 11
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Sustainable Forestry

Tom Redfern
Director of Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 27
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Joe Barbaree
Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Program Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047
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Tanner Filyaw
Non-Timber Forest Products Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 24
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Watershed Restoration

Sunday Creek Watershed Group

Michelle Shively
Sunday Creek Watershed Coordinator
Ph. 740-767-2225
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Monday Creek Restoration Project

Nathan Schlater
Monday Creek Watershed Coordinator
Ph. 740-394-2047
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Tim Ferrell
Monday Creek Restoration Project Water Quality Specialist
Ph. 740-394-2047
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Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership

Marissa Lautzenheiser
Middle Tuscarawas Watershed Coordinator
Ph. 330.859.1050
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Environmental Education

Joe Brehm
Environmental Education Program Director
Ph. 740-767-2225
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Darcy Higgins
Environmental Education Program Manager
Ph. 740-767-2225
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Zero Waste Program

Andrea Reany
Zero Waste Program Manager
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 15
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Entrepreneurial Communities and Social Enterprise

Dan Vorisek
Entrepreneurial Communities Coach
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 30
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Paul Patton
Social Enterprise Director
Ph. 740-677-4047 ext. 23
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Rural Action Americorps Members

Meg Almeida | Zero Waste Program
Carrie Gibbons | Zero Waste Program
Nick Cruise | Environmental Education
Brett Smith | Environmental Education
Laura Diaco | Environmental Education
Sally Sugar | Environmental Education
Kylee Nichols | Monday Creek Restoration Project
Annika Gurrola | Raccoon Creek Partnership
Nikki Salas | Raccoon Creek Partnership
Daniel Clepper | Little Cities of Black Diamonds
Jeremy Maple | Wayne National Forest
Dylan Bean | Wayne National Forest
Vanessa Hesser | Wayne National Forest
Theo Peck-Suzuki | Ohio Stream Restore Corps Capacity Builder
Bryan Chamberlin | Sunday Creek Watershed Group
Brian Harnetty | Ohio Hill Country Heritage Area
Cierra Bailey | Rural Action Sustainable Forestry
Luke Welch | Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture
Ryan Brown | Buckeye Trail Association
George Blankenhorn | Buckeye Trail Association
Mollie Rabiner | Camp Oty’Okwa
Jenna Balasz | Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District
Janet Holladay | ReUse Makerspace
Meghan Ellis | Dairy Barn
Chloe Musick | Stuart’s Opera House
Bailey Grenert | United Plant Savers
Taylor Snelick | The Wilds
Destiny Langdon | Captina Conservancy
Aaron Ambrosio | Licking Soil and Water Conservation District
Claire Donley | Perry Soil and Water Conservation District
Samantha Miller | Entrepreneurial Communities
Brooke Sanderson | Middle Tuscarawas Watershed
Selina Nadeau | Social Enterprise

AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers placed with Rural Action

Brian Cristi | Sustainable Agriculture
Rudi Beutner | Sustainable Agriculture
Levi Brown | Capacity Builder
Carol Kuhre | Capacity Builder

COMCorps AmeriCorps Members Placed with Rural Action

Elise Westenbarger | Sustainable Agriculture

Rural Action Board of Directors

Mark Snider
Board Chair
Founder & Principal at Snider, Fuller, and Stroh
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Rick Hindman
Vice Chair
Assistant Executive Director, Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District
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Susan Loughridge

Chad Bortle 
Vice President, SJB Management
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Richard Wetzel
Mayor of Chesterhill, Ohio
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Dave Simon
Independent Consultant
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Kay Tousley
Kay’s bio is coming soon!

T. Chris Wilson
Chris’s bio is coming soon!

Rural Action Committees

Rural Action Governance Committee
Jane Woodrow – Committee Chair
David Descutner
Kay Tousley
Debbie Phillips – CEO

Rural Action Finance Committee
Susan Loughridge – Chair and Board Treasurer
Don Cooley
Kay Tousley
Mark Snider
Rick Hindman
Perry Varnadoe
Rick Fligor

Rural Action Impact Committee
Randy Leite
Mitch Farley
Rick Hindman
Kay Tousley

Rural Action Building and Grounds Committee
Susan Loughridge – Committee Chair
John Kotowski – Member Volunteer
Mitch Farley
Robin Kinney – Member Volunteer
Dave Simon

Rural Action Donor Development Committee
Dave Simon – Committee Chair
John Kotowski – Co-chair
Jane Woodrow
Chad Bortle
Mark Snider
Carol Kuhre – Member Volunteer
Sue Boyd – Member Volunteer
Mary Anne Reeves – Member Volunteer
Cita Strauss – Member Volunteer
Debbie Robertson – Member Volunteer
Debbie Phillips – CEO

Rural Action Policy Committee
Randy Leite – Committee Chair
David Descutner
T. Chris Wilson
Gary Goosman – Member Volunteer
Debbie Phillips – CEO

Rural Action Social Enterprise Committee
Max Mark – Committee Chair
T. Chris Wilson
Rick Hindman
Chad Bortle
Jon Sowash – Member Volunteer
Richard Wetzel
Brian Vadakin – Social Enterprise Coordinator